The Atooi Collection

A new 3DS physical release is coming soon, courtesy of developer Atooi–and it’s called Atooi Collection. The cartridge, which can collect together various Atooi releases from the 3DS Eshop, doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’ll be published through Limited Run Games.

Atooi announced that the sport has been approved by Nintendo, and is now just awaiting some final confirmations before it can continue sale.

Yes. Atooi Collection has been approved by Nintendo Lotcheck and now we are waiting on Nintendo’s approval of cover art, cart label, etc. Once approved, manufacturing will begin. Once the product is in-hand, Atooi Collection will go on sale via @LimitedRunGames‘ site. 🥳— Atooi (@AtooiLLC) May 17, 2020

Atooi Collection was actually announced in June 2019 with a video (below), but with no word since, it wasn’t clear what was happening with it so far . it’ll collect together Mutant Mudds, Mutant Mudds: Super Challenge, Bomb Monkey, Xeodrifter, and Chicken Wiggle.

The last 3DS cartridge released up to the present point was Persona Q2, which released on June 4, 2019. Unfortunately, Atooi Collection will likely only be available in North America, as 3DS carts are region locked. Atooi confirmed this during a follow-up tweet, stating that if a region-free cart was an option, they might take it.

3DS game collectors might want to form a touch more room on their shelf for this final title–it seems unlikely that we’ll see more 3DS cartridges after this.

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