There are several Stranger Missions to finish in Chapter 4 of Red Dead Redemption 2’s story, each with unique plots and characters.

For the assistance A Brother Out Stranger Mission, you’ll be assisting a monk, Brother Dorkins, in freeing slaves. you’ll find him near the doorway to the market within the East of St. Denis, where he’ll ask if you’d wish to help the poor.

If you select to donate to him, he’ll tell you a few store he believes is holding slaves, which has been outlawed by now in Red Dead Redemption 2’s history. A marker will appear, so follow it to the shop and appearance for the bookshelf.

You’ll see marks on the ground and deduce that this is often no ordinary bookcase, The pawnshop owner will loudly complain, but you’ll intimidate him. one among the books opens a secret door, so pull on the red book to open it. Or, use your brute strength and pull it back from the wall.

Once you’re at rock bottom of the steps, you’ll find two slaves. They don’t speak any English, but you’ll free them both and lead them back to the monk. He’ll provide you with his collection dish as payment, which you’ll accept or refuse, counting on your moral compass.

Brothers and Sisters, One and every one

Eventually, you’ll encounter Brother Dorkins again within the North of St. Denis, on the porch of a church with some kids and Sister Calderon. one among the youngsters steals the sister’s cross, and you would like to trace him down fast.

Turn left at the top of the road, then right past the person sitting on the corner. You’ll then see him fighting with another man, so intervene and therefore the kid will drop the cross and skip away. If you manage to seek out the boy within 19 seconds of the deed , you’ll get a trophy for your troubles.

This is an equivalent area where you’ll find Mrs. Downes, coincidently. She’ll falsely claim to a policeman that you’re bothering her, so escape the police and remain hidden. you would possibly got to leave the town for a time, counting on where you select to cover.

If you’re quick enough, you’ll run back through the market and may hide within the courtyard of a house that may seem familiar from The Artist’s Way Stranger Mission. Stay out of sight until you’re not wanted then follow the waypoint back to ascertain Sister Calderon.

Watch out for the policeman riding past the church – if he recognizes you, you’ll be wanted again. Hand the cross over to finish the mission. There’s no monetary reward, but you are doing get an enormous chunk of Honor for your deeds.

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