This is much more than simply another character pack.

NetherRealm Studios’ 2009 Mortal Komabt reboot arguably revolutionized fighting games with its deeper, more cinematic story presentation. The team has been rolling thereupon sort of single-player content ever since, but now it’s trying something new – a post-launch story expansion.

Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath is about to release digitally on May 26th, so in only a couple of weeks, and it’s basically bucking the trend of straightforward fighter pass DLC for the Mortal Kombat series to instead offer a fully-fledged expansion pack experience.

Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath: a replacement story expansion with new characters Aftermath introduces three new characters for the MK11 roster – two returning faces and one exciting new guest. The returning fighters even have a key role within the new story expansion, which picks up the narrative right where the first MK11 left off to inform an all-new story that has an equivalent level of polish because the main game’s cinematic story mode.

As a part of a digital preview event VG247 attended, MK co-creator Ed Boon showcased a couple of story scenes from the new expansion, which continues the time-bending and universe-warping plot MK10 and 11 leaned into. We won’t get into exactly what it depicted just in case there are some among you who haven’t finished MK11, but it sees characters bequeathed with new time travel abilities forced to team with new allies so as to go into the past to vary history and therefore the future. As ever, the fate of Earthrealm and beyond is at stake.

One major detail during this new story fans will love is that Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is back as Shang Tsung. The actor in fact played the character within the cheesy yet beloved nineties Mortal Kombat movies and returned to the role for the face and voice of the character as MK11 fighter DLC. Here he features a chance to urge stuck into an actual story with the character, giving him a task which may be as significant as his within the original MK movie.

Also key to the story are returning fan-favorite characters, who in fact also join the quality fighter roster.

MK3 character Sheeva is back, filling a task as an all-purpose grappler with powerful grabs for each situation. She’s described as a master brawler, and even has an unblockable teleport stomp move which will be utilized in setups – so she sounds pretty nasty.

Also back is Fujin, Raiden’s wind godbrother who first appeared in MK4. Fujin fights with the facility of the winds also a sword and crossbow.

Then there’s the new character. The last guest DLC drop was The Terminator, then who better as a perfect counterpart than RoboCop? The 80s action movie hero joins the roster to filter out the dirtbags – and therefore the character has the licensed voice and likeness of Peter Weller, the first actor to play the role. Robocop features a technological arsenal at his disposal including a flamethrower, riot shield, shoulder cannon with different ammunition types and, of course, his iconic Auto 9 Pistol.

Beyond that, the Aftermath expansion also will get you three new character skin packs – though these are going to be released over time, and won’t all be available at launch.

As previously mentioned, Aftermath released digitally on May 26, and is out there during a few different formats:

  • Just the Aftermath expansion for MK11 will cost £34.99/$39.99. That gets you everything mentioned above.
  • A bundle with Kombat Pack 1, bringing you up so far on existing DLC, is £39.99/$49.99. This includes Kombat Pack 1, which incorporates six extra playable characters, and a bunch of skins.
  • There’s also an entire Collection package that’ll get you the first game and every one DLC in one package – so Aftermath and Kombat Pack 1 – and that’ll cost $59.99/£49.99.
  • If you pre-order Aftermath, you’ll also get skin pack with costumes for Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Frost. Aftermath is coming to each MK11 platform – so PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and even Google Stadia.

Free DLC Updates for all MK11 Owners

Beyond Aftermath, today’s announcement also includes news of some Mortal Kombat 11 updates for everybody who owns the sport no matter if they need to require out their wallets for the new content.

A free update that’ll arrive alongside Aftermath will add a bunch of fan-favorite, often-requested features to the MK11 experience:

Favorite Stages Return: stages that’ll be familiar to series fans make a return, including the Dead Pool and Soul Chamber arenas.
Stage Fatalities are back: finishing off your opponent using elements of the stage you’re currently playing on return during this update. there have been a couple of hidden Stage Brutalities in MK11, but this is often proper stage fatalities making a comeback.
Friendships are awesome: Friendships, the humiliating alternative finishing moves where rather than executing your opponent you are doing something friendly, are back. Kill ’em with kindness!

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